Jaffa Old City Jaffa Old City is easily accessible from Tel Aviv, as it's directly linked to the tourist hotspot, which grew out of it. A visit to the old city is a favourite way for travellers and tourists to surround themselves with the ancient architecture of older Israel. It's winding streets and stairways make it unique, and it's a beautiful idea to explore a little off the beaten track of antique shops and restaurants. A good place to start a walk around Old Jaffa is the clock tower, from where you'll be able to see across the sandy coloured stone city with it's art galleries and cobbles. At the top of the hill there's also a wishing bridge with bronze depictions of the 12 zodiac signs. It's a chance for you to make a wish while holding your birth sign, and can be a pretty romantic spot. Walking down the hill, don't miss a beautiful mosaic on the floor, where the zodiac theme is repeated, this time in beautiful coloured tiles. The downhill walk is also a great chance to lose yourself in the little alleys between the houses, get some shade from the trees or even catch the sunset if you're there in the late afternoon or evening. Once you're at the port, you'll find no end of places to eat, but definitely do not miss the antique and art galleries. In Jaffa Old City, you'll have a chance to browse and appreciate local art that is of a different calibre from what you'll find in more mainstream Tel Aviv. A walk around Old Jaffa can be a nice way to spend the morning, too, when it's typically less crowded and the heat isn't so intense. If you're up for it, you can join a walking tour that is offered for free and takes about two hours.